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Digitality Expert – is the modern effective online courses that give a

Digitality Expert – is the modern effective online courses that give a

We teach the most actual knowledge in the Digital World and help to become a Digital Coach

We will soon launch 15 new unique course programs

The main purpose is to provide you with the qualitative knowledge, with which you can fully realize yourself in the Digital niche and begin to work online

Hello! My name is Yurii Staryk

I travel the World, work remotely teaching people how to develop websites in 5 hours without coding.

I’m the founder of two Digital companies named Digitality Expert ( and Digitality Studio (

Digitality Studio is a perfect full digital service for your business. It is a full-service Digital Agency that combines web design, internet marketing, and web development service to transform the way your clients communicate with you.

Digitality Studio Agency is home to a dedicated team of web developers, designers, marketing specialists who are ready to take your business to the next level. As your creative, strategic media partner, we bring a deep understanding of how customers discover businesses and a toolbox of proven strategies that can only come from an agency dedicated to keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends and innovations. Contact us to get started

Do You Want Your Brand To Have Greater Reach?
Let’s Build this Thing Together!

Digitality Expert is focused on the providing the high-level education in the most popular niches such as a web development and web design, marketing and neuro-marketing, psychology and effective communication, business process automation, promotion on the internet and many other topics.

Besides this, Digitality Expert gives everyone an opportunity to launch their own online courses. We have own own system called the platform and workable effective algorithm to launch online courses. So if you have professional skills in one of the important niches and would like to become a Digital Coach – we’re here to help you.

In other words, I and my team are ready to teach you the most important skills that give result in your business life in general. And also, if you want to launch your own course – we will provide for you’re the powerful algorithm which is created and proved by myself during the last 4-months trip across Europe and Asia. During this trip, I started teaching people how to travel and work at the same time by doing web development which is much easier than you can imagine. The course called WordPress Web Expert.

Besides this, I personally develop websites and help people to make their dreams real by doing websites for them; travel more than 120+ days per year and do online all mentioned above.

Welcome on Board! I and my team will be glad to see you in our community!

By the way, the registration to WordPress Web Expert 5.0 has been opened. Course launches on September 17th. Right now are the best conditions for the participation

I create training programs during my travels. And this gives uniqueness to my courses, which I do for my participants. By joining the course with me, you also dive into the travel with me and all the participants of the course


Digital Coaching

Do you have already valuable knowledge in one of the niches? Do you want to start teaching others (but do not know how to technically organize it)? We help to do this

Create a course


Become an Expert

Do you want to become an Expert in one of the niches presented on the website and in a few weeks to work online?

Go to courses

Advantages of the cooperation with Digitality Expert

Our goal is your Result!

We grow Experts

The main advantage of our work is that we lead you to the Result! We work on a unique coursework system that ensures maximum training and quick results

Practically proven knowledge

In general, all the courses we provide are created by experts who are well-known in their business. This is one of the great benefits of learning with us because you can be sure of the high quality and effectiveness of the courses we provide

We use the most advanced technology

We provide the educational process with the most advanced Digital solutions that will help you to be comfortable and at the same time to feel the interest to learn and gain new knowledge or even a profession.

Qualitative feedback

Our courses are marked by the fact that we make every effort to provide the best feedback, support, motivation and drive during the educational process. So be sure that every question will be answered

We implement unique teaching methods

While studying, it’s important not only what you study, but also how you study it. And in this we are the best, because we use the most effective approaches to ensure your growth

We create the community of Experts

The professional community is a source of continuous improvement, motivation and long-term partnership, and we are well aware of it. Therefore, we form such communities for every niche of Digital Expertise and this is the key to success both in personal growth and in business!

We cover such expert niches



Creating Your Own Business

We teach the fundamental knowledge in the business niche and lead you to the result


Personal Development

Deep Development of Personality

We provide the most effective techniques and knowledge in the most important areas of comprehensive development


Web Development

Developing Unique Web Sites

We teach the rapid development of web sites (5 hours / site) so that you can easily work remotely


Automation of business processes

Automate business up to 100%

We teach how to use dozens of services to optimize and automate business



Effective Marketing Strategy

We teach how to effectively create powerful conversion marketing strategies


Effective communication

Principles and techniques of effective communication

We teach NLP, psychology, communication, public speaking and the ability to always be right during the negotiation

Our courses

WordPress Web Expert

The course is about how to quickly and creatively develop websites in 5 hours, do your favourite activities, travel around the world, and make good money $$$$.

Start: September 17th

Learn more about the course

Google Adwords Expert

Express course for Business Advertisement

A practical, step-by-step course for quickly launching ads using Google Adwords. Marketing, Remarketing, PPC, CPC, YouTube.

Become one of the first to enroll
Start: Date X

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WordPress Express Course

The course will teach you all the basis about the web development.

After completing the course (it only takes about 2.5 hours), you will have your own blog or website.

Take the course
Available for passing right now

Learn more about the course

Digital Coaching Expert

A unique course created by Yurii Staryk, in which you will learn how to create an online course based on your own Professional Skills and how to create such a course from any country of the World!

Become one of the first members
Start: Date X. Be first

Learn more about the course


Copywriting Expert

Copywriting. How to write powerfully

You’re a good copywriter but no one knows about it? Are you doing first steps in the copywriting niche? In any case, this course will teach you how to write high-quality texts.

Become one of the first member
Start: Date X

Learn more about the course

Marketing & Sales Expert

Unique course created by Yurii Staryk, where you will learn how to sell.

Why do some people have the talent to sell, and others do not? Because you believe in it!

Become one of the first member
Start: Date X. Learn first

Learn more about the course

Online Business Expert

Unique course created by Yurii Staryk, where you will learn how to start and professionally run your own online business from anywhere in the world!

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Start: Date X. Learn first

Learn more about the course

Cryptocurrency Expert

We want to share the knowledge about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies from the very basics to an active and passive crypto income to bring the attendants financial freedom, more time and a better lifestyle.

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Personal development course. We teach easily and consciously use your brain and build the communication with others

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Start: Date X. Register

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Principles of our work


Effective approaches to the learning process

We use only those methods, strategies and approaches that really work and which lead to the result, as we are well aware that efficiency and effectiveness directly depends on the quality of tools and approaches.


Motivation, curiosity and exciting learning

We are well aware that the quality of the result also depends on how much the participant of the course is interested in learning. And that’s why we all have the power to drive, entertain, inspire and “engage” you!


Flexibility and maximum accessibility

We work so that you are as comfortable and accessible as possible in the learning process, so we always create the conditions and environment in which the learning system will be as flexible and efficient as possible.


Networking is the future

One of the main tasks of our activity is the formation of expert communities, where you can always ask for advice, share unique experiences, find a business partner, or even jointly create your own business together.


Comprehensive knowledge and complete Professional Skills

Aldous Huxley, author of “Oh, Strange New World,” has fortunately foreseen that in the future there will be so much information that it will be filtered out. That is why we not only provide information (which is a lot on the Internet), we provide knowledge, experience and effective strategies / approaches.


Innovative approach to business

We use only those tools and solutions that bring the maximum result by using the minimum amount of resources (time, financial, emotional). And this is the very principle we hold in developing a business strategy

What our customers say about us

Vlad Marichichuk
Successfully passed the student path and the first office work to the WordPress Web Development Expert

Website development is a very interesting area for me, and here I can give the will of my creativity and feel myself in the role of creator. Also, thanks to the knowledge I get here, I can realize myself and not feel any frameworks in approaching my work.

As I started the course with zero knowledge in the development of sites, but in just a few weeks I got a sufficient knowledge base and tools, or put my ideas into practice.

Also, in our course there is a very rich communication even when our mentor is thousands of miles away from us. This is all due to frequent “live” and group discussions. The course is very structured and step-by-step delivery of the material, which results in a minimum of questions in the educational process, and those that still appear, we decide on the same lively, or discuss in the group. Therefore, I believe that if you want something special and extraordinary in your life and do not want to spend the day in the office, this is the course for you!

WordPress Web Expert Student, Digitality Expert

Lyubomir Kravets
The Director of the Tourist Information Center, has successfully traveled from tourism to create his own website for business

Hello everybody! My name is Lyubomir Kravets, I am a participant of the Digitality Expert website development course, conducted by Yuriy Oldik. I met this person during the course of the art of speaking, and since then I liked him as a person who liked him as a specialist, and because when I saw that this person started such an interesting course on the development of websites with such beautiful and interesting conditions. , which I was offered, I immediately consoled me and decided to get in touch, and to solve the issues that I had at that moment still emerged and after the telephone conversation, I had all the questions gone away, I immediately realized that it was imperative to go on this course, sign up and go through him Of course, there are plenty of people who can afford it, but with that competently constructed program, offered by Yuriy Oldik, this course is simply not possible.

Why do I say that? Because if there is any question and you can not go through anything, this person is always in touch, he keeps in touch with his students, at any moment he will support, he will give you the answers that you have, he Connected to our discussions in a private group on Facebook (for this, it’s actually created). And all this supports the very own, the combat training spirit of our team and we are going slowly, but we are moving forward, we are not lagging behind the schedule, now we have already passed the fifth module, launching the sixth module, and I already feel some such inprinciple results and I feel that in principle this course can be completed

If someone will use my feedback, I will be very glad, in principle, if he will help, because I know that Yuri Starik is starting the next course since February, and even more so in two languages ​​- this is again confirmed by his professionalism, that he knows what he is talking about, he has a fairly good case, we all hope (I basically speak for myself, and those who have come to this course, also hope) that we somewhere will be able to learn competently, professionally, quickly , to perform qualitatively the tasks assigned to us in this course, or rather to create web sites on latformi WordPress.

Maybe this will be for someone extra earnings, maybe it will be like a hobby, maybe something else, but it also allows you to have a relationship with Yuri Starik and under his guidance wise, it will lead us to joint success.

If someone had this feedback very useful, I am very glad and invite you to the next course from myself personally and I recommend Yurii Staryk!

The best for you! Thank you!

WordPress Web Expert Student, Digitality Expert

Anna Chuma
A practical psychologist, successfully traversed the path from psychology to the field of Web-based web development on WordPress.

First of all, of course, I had very big doubts about registering for this course, which was that I was afraid that with my humanities education (specialty “Practical psychologist”) I would not be able to overcome this training. For a long time I was rewritten with Yura, questioning me, and whether I could, and whether it was easy, but whether it would be interesting to me.

“Bribed” is that, regardless of education, with great desire everything can be done and registering for this course to date, I want to tell you that I absolutely did not regret. I can only say one thing: a very interesting and meaningful program, interesting lectures, very accessible and easy to learn, Jura is a very good teacher because he is able to communicate the smallest details, to tell all the moments that we need.

Well, you really know, as a person who has been involved in my life for 15 years with a psychology that has never been tangent and far from that, rather easy, rather comfortable teaching, neither to IT nor to any of the mathematical directions there. The training is comfortable because the modules are always open so far as I am a mother who is in a decree and in a day it is not always possible to sit with my child for studying. Sometimes you have to sit down in the evening, or when the child is sleeping, it is convenient and comfortable to study, because at any time you open the module, sit down and start learning. Quite interesting tasks, which gives Jura. Easy and simple, if you have been trained, it’s easy enough to cope with them.

It’s very good that I do not feel that I stayed alone with modules, lectures and tasks. For this I also experienced, I was worried that if I did not understand something in the study, where to run, whom to ask me, how to do those tasks there. No, if I have some problematic issues, if I have any difficulty in establishing a certain program, we always have a connection with Jura, always! That is, when you do not write, when you do not ask, he always gives an answer and at what he tells in detail where to take, how to take, and sometimes also throws the whole of the link, that here’s what you are taking there there, doing it there, doing it and so. This is very good, it is very convenient and, well, you know, you do not feel that you’re one on one. That is, you somewhere paid the money and everything, you have only videos and everything, nothing more. No, there is Jura, who helps and always carries out his training. Even if I was a little behind in my studies, because there was not always a moment (the child was sick), there was not always a moment when he could sit for study, Jura wrote so thinly, “It’s already begun that kind of module started, please, come on mode, get involved in work – thanks very much to him. Because self-discipline is, you know, also a trait that should be good when there is a person who motivates and helps keep it

What I want to say is that we still have a private group in Facebook, where my classmates are (if they see “Hello to all”), it is also very good that there is such a group, because even in Jura, you can ask, but at the same time you can throwing a request on Facebook, in a group where we are also helping each other, because someone is faster passing modules, someone slips through the modules there and tells each other, we help. In addition, we are talking not only about studying, because we are all from different cities and in general it is an interesting experience and communication, the experience of getting friends, that’s why I want to say only, to thank Yuri for this work, to say that yes, the tarmac you are good, organize more courses because you get it and believe that you really have to be a teacher very good teacher from God to be able to organize people and so teach, show, give them all that you know yourself. This is what our teacher Yura does.

Therefore, all who hesitate, I want to say “do not hesitate”, come, you will not regret, believe me, you will not regret it. It is convenient, easy to learn, comfortable in terms of organizing the training itself, and what I can say is your future, it’s your life, it is possible for someone to be a future profession and it is very good, it is very good and very convenient. So all dad, join us 🙂

WordPress Web Expert Student, Digitality Expert

Do you want to start learning? Do you have a goal to start teaching others?

Digitality Expert provides an opportunity to learn and to teach!

Choose from which format our cooperation and long-term partnership will begin

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